Occupational health and safety management systems certification ISO 45001(DSTU ISO 45001)

Occupational health and safety management systems certification ISO 45001(DSTU ISO 45001)

Thousands of people die every day in industrial accidents or fatal work-related diseases. A special feature of the ISO 45001 standard is its ability to not only avoid fatalities, but also prevent them from occurring in the future. In addition, increasing the level of responsibility significantly enhances the company's image and reputation. This management system was developed by the technical committee of the international organization for standardization based on the provisions of OHSAS 18001 and replaces the standard from 2021.

The main differences between the new ISO 45001 standard and OHSAS 18001 are:

  • The old standard is based on procedures, and the new one uses a modern process approach;
  • considers risks and opportunities, whereas OHSAS 18001 only relied on risks;
  • the new standard takes into account the views of interested parties.

The basis of the standard is an assessment of risks and opportunities for planning a response. Particular importance and attention is paid to the health of workers, including physical and psychological factors, non-discrimination and the ability to assert their rights. The standard is based on the leadership and responsibility of top management, which is demonstrated through the effectiveness of the management system for compliance with the standard.

ISO 45001is designed for use by top management and aims to provide a safe workplace for employees and visitors. In the process of performing such tasks, it is extremely important to control all factors that can provoke diseases, injuries and, in extreme cases, lead to death.

The benefits for companies whose management systems comply with the requirements of of ISO 45001 international standard:

  • Reduces time and production losses;
  • No matter how big an organization is, safety must come first. Properly implemented and certified to ISO 45001, the health and safety management system contributes to the creation of effective and efficient boundaries for employees that will help to minimize or prevent injuries, accidents. Labor shortages are among the problems that small businesses face through work-related injuries or illnesses, especially in those organizations, where only a few employees work. Absence of employees certainly affects the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of other employees, as well as the quantity of products or services provided, both on a short and long term basis.

  • It displays the priority of personnel protection;
  • Increase in labor productivity;
  • The health and safety management system and practices, correctly implemented according to the principles of the ISO 45001 standard, create opportunities for small businesses to solve problems in this field through standardized methods so that they can respond systematically rather than solve problems in different ways.

  • It becomes an integral part of a sustainable strategy;
  • A positive image for customers and stakeholders is formed;
  • It enhances the reputation of occupational safety and health;
  • By demonstrating that the company fulfills its commitment to employees` health and safety, it protects and enhances its reputation. It also makes it clear to customers that the company is committed to operating in accordance with health and safety principles. Buyers and potential customers have more confidence in starting cooperation with the company, greatly improving business competitiveness and consolidating the brand.

  • Reduction of insurance payments;
  • Raising staff awareness and loyalty;
  • A good occupational health and safety management system increases employees' commitment to the organization by establishing and strengthening teams. The ISO 45001 standard helps small businesses manage employees more effectively by defining acceptable and unacceptable workplace behavior.

  • Safety culture is improving;
  • Potential cost savings - by reducing employees' disability compensation and reducing violations of work discipline;

By taking steps for continuous improvement, even if they are implemented gradually, small businesses not only improve their products or processes, but also improve their results and strategy, as well as relationships with customers, employees and suppliers. Therefore, when considering the introduction and certification of ISO 45001, do not doubt - just do so. This will certainly bring more benefits to your business.

The management system certification body "EUROSTANDARTCERTIFICATION" certifies the occupational health and safety management system to meet the requirements ISO 45001 standard.

ISO 45001 certification will become necessary for all businesses sooner or later. ISO 45001 certification will sooner or later become necessary for all businesses. After all, personnel is one of the main resources that ensures the development of the company. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care not only of financial or information security, but also of the safety of employees.