Impartiality policy

Impartiality Policy
of management systems certification body

Management systems certification body LLC "EUROSTANDARDCERTIFICATION" (hereinafter - OS) certifies that:

  1. It is legally and financially independent from customers or other parties, that are interested in management systems certification;
  2. It is impartial during all certification process, regulates conflicts of interests and ensures the objectivity of management systems certification activities;
  3. It does not carry out management systems certification of another certification bodies in relation of the management system certification activities
  4. It does not conduct internal audits for certified customers;
  5. It has a documented structure that guarantees impartiality, including provisions that ensure the impartiality of OS;
  6. It is financially stable and has all resources necessary for certifications system functioning;
  7. It ensures that each certification decision is taken by a person who did not participate in the assessment;
  8. It ensures the independence and impartiality of senior management and staff of OS (both internal and external) from any commercial, financial or other pressure that could affect on certification results;
  9. It does not offer and does not provide consulting services for management systems;
  10. It does not carry out management system certification in respect of which it has performed internal audits within two years from the date of the end of the internal audit;
  11. It does not certify management systems in respect of which the customer has received management or internal audit advice, because the links between the operating system and the consulting organization may constitute an unacceptable threat to the OS impartiality;
  12. OS decisions are based on objective evidence of compliance that are obtained by the OS, and the OS decisions are not influenced by other interests and other stakeholders;
  13. does not involve audits to consulting organizations that also specialize in management system issues;
  14. the activity of the OS is not present and is not offered as activity related to the activity of the organization that provides consulting on management system issues;
  15. The impartiality of the OS is ensured by OS Commission.