Suppliers audit

Suppliers audit

With introduction of ISO standards, the issue of conducting supplier audits is becoming increasingly relevant. ISO standards require the assessment of the supplier and the interaction with it to improve the quality of products. Such an audit allows to make an objective assessment of a potential partner.

Conducting suppliers audit has several advantages::

  • Allows to make an objective assessment of the supplier;
  • It disciplines the supplier and increases his responsibility for his product;
  • It provides complete information not only about the product, but also about the conditions of its production;
  • It reduces risks;
  • It improves the efficiency of the procurement process;
  • It allows you to prevent possible damages from poor quality supplies or services, etc.

The report, which is issued as a result of suppliers audit, indicates the compliance and non-compliance of the enterprise with the requirements of the management system and the standards in force. Also, according to customer's request, recommendations can be issued to improve the company's activities.

The specialists of our Company have long-term experience in conducting audits at enterprises in different industries of production and services. We can carry out the suppliers audit both on the basis of specialized questionnaires, and by taking into account your individual wishes.

You should remember, that selecting a reliable implementing partner is a guarantee of successful business!