Cosmetics. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) - ISO 22716(DSTU EN ISO 22716)

Cosmetics. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) - ISO 22716(DSTU EN ISO 22716)

As the cosmetics industry is constantly developing, recommendations and advanced practices must continue to develop to ensure appropriate safety and care at every stage. Therefore, the internationally recognized cosmetic product safety standard ISO 22716 Cosmetics Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices has been created.

ISO 22716 provides a comprehensive approach to managing a quality system in an organization through practical methods. The standard includes the processes of production, packaging, storage, product quality control and transportation. It does not apply to research activities and the distribution of finished cosmetic products. Although ISO 22716 focuses on product quality, it does not include the safety of workers in production and the environmental protection.

While every company can implement an ISO 9001 system, ISO 22716 is more suitable for those who work with cosmetics. These systems are not interchangeable, but they can exist together. The recommendations of this standard are intended to manage established practices that may affect many factors of product quality.

Although some companies implement the ISO 22716 system out of necessity, many companies see it as a strategic move because of the huge benefits that an ISO management system offers.

Why is the implementation of the ISO 22716 standard important?

  • it improves the quality management system, from the supply chain to the quality of finished products;
  • controls the hazards and risks associated with cosmetic products, ensuring continuous improvement;
  • ensures that the organization complies with legal requirements, because according to the Technical Regulations, each cosmetic company must implement and maintain a system of good manufacturing practice;
  • shows your compliance with international regulations.

What does ISO 22716 certification provide?

The ISO 22716 certification process usually consists of reciprocal steps. After receiving the application, the Certification Body checks the documentation for this standard and evaluates how this system is implemented in the activities of the enterprise, and whether the instructions of the system are followed at all points of production of cosmetic products. A certificate is a documentary evidence that allows you to show that your company has been verified by an independent party. In addition, with the introduction of European standards, the presence of a certificate becomes more and more necessary for the successful sale of their products to large retail chains and through tender purchases. Having a certificate always increases consumers' confidence in your product. Please contact our specialists for detailed information and the cost of the ISO 22716 certificate. We will be happy to help you become the best domestic brands of cosmetic products.