Environmental management systems Certification ISO 14001:2015 (DSTU ISO 14001:2015)

Environmental management systems Certification ISO 14001:2015 (DSTU ISO 14001:2015)

It is not a secret, that most companies' activities make detrimental effect on our environment. In result, our planet suffers from toxic waste, emissions of harmful chemicals and clogging of water. Plants and animals disappear, and people are attacked by new diseases and viruses. That is why our present demands companies to control their environmental impact.

For this purpose, ISO 14001 «Environmental management systems. Requirements and application guidelines » standard was introdused, whose main purpose is to minimize the harmful effects of the enterprise's production activities on the environment. The development of an environmental management system is an important stage in the developming of any enterprise, and obtaining a certificate of ISO 14001 is a confirmation of compliance to requirements of the standard on an international level.

Requirements for reducing the negative impact on the environment apply to any organization, regardless of its organizational form, size, form of ownership, scale of production and branch-functional type of activity. Аvailability of ISO 14001 Certificate provides the prerogative in tenders' participation and gives the opportunity to participate in major construction projects, where the requirements for the compliance to the ІSО 14001 environmental management system become obligatory.

The ISO 14001 standard is compliant with other international standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, etc., and makes it possible to use them both independently of each other and as integrated management systems.

Advantages of using ecological management system:

  • Creating a positive image of the company through its environmental credibility;
  • Increasing the competitiveness of the goods;
  • Strengthening the trust of partners and consumers;
  • Entrance to international markets where such certificate is required;
  • Reducing costs by saving resources;
  • Reducing risks of regulatory and environmental fines.

LLC «EUROSTANDARDCERTIFICATION» carries out the certification of environmental management systems (management), in compliance with the requirements of the state standard ДСТУ ISO 14001:2015 or ISO 14001:2015. or international standard

After completing the certification procedure for compliance with requirements of ISO 14001, your organization receives a certificate for environmental management system for a period of 3 years. If you want to join successful companies that control their environmental impact, contact our specialists to obtain the ISO 14001 Сertificate.